About Fabricated Comments and Contents That Are Targeting The Lean Institute Turkey’s Reputations


One of our ex-colleague, who left Lean Institute Turkey with the decision of the Board of Directors of the Lean Institute and a mutual agreement between the sides, after working as a consultant-trainer and also serving as a member of the Board between 2004-20016, aims to damage the commercial reputation of the Lean Institute that has been developed with its customers in 17 years by claiming some unreal comments via social media platforms (Lınkedin, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). The person disturbs members of Board of Lean Institute, colleagues and customer that worked together before, with e-mails, fiction photos and text edited by himself. Although this disturbance was rare in the first days but continued to increase its frequency recently.

The reasons that the aforementioned person was cut off from the Lean Institute were negative feedbacks from the clients in the process, fabricated messages and comments sent to the cooperating clients about the foreign consultants that we worked together for many years, and other advisors and board members, including our business partners, have made attitudes and behaviors that make a healthy business union impossible.

In recent days, intense messages, social media submissions, and e-mail contents that is sent by aforementioned person have been reach to a level that hard to repair personal and professional reputation of Lean Institute, managers and consultants. Although Lean Institute Turkey prefer to keep silence against fabricated comments, unfair actions targeting our honor, dignity and respect, at this point, we have the obligation to resort to any legal action as a result of the increase in the aggressive attitude of the person in question.

We will apply to all legal procedures  in order to immediately stop all the unwarranted, and exaggerated texts, attitudes, visualized materials and  behaviours that damage and entail harassment targeting Lean Institute and its staff, and the companies the Institute works with and their staff.


Yalçın İpbüken

President, Lean Institute, Turkey