Lean Institute Turkey is a worldwide operating member of Lean Global Network which has 250 advisor/instructor (www.leanglobal.org / www.planet-lean.com).

Lean Institute Turkey is founded in 2002 and it is one of the five biggest and most effective Lean Institutes among the 14 Main Institute (First Level) which have the global Network membership. Also, 18 Institutes (Second and Third Level, and business partners) operates within the Network.

Lean Global Network aims to spread the Lean Thinking around the globe. By this way it tries to contribute to make the world a more livable place.


To help with extensive and unique services (consultancy, training, publication) and the method of seeing and applying together, Lean Institute Turkey aims to get results which are satisfying to every single shareholder in the pursue to meet their mission, vision and goals especially for Industrial, Service and Commercial establishments, among organizations with Social and Public objectives in every scale.

Today, Lean Thinking becomes the preferred approach in the organizations which are operating in every area and sector (Manufacturing, Commercial, Industrial, Service, Retail, Public, Social etc.) around the world.

Lean Institute Turkey serves in a very broad scale

We have the unique experience of fulfilling 370 lean projects in Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing Engineering and Administration. Our experience is not restricted within Turkey. It contains several countries.

Lean Institute Turkey guides, trains and supports the organizations in Leadership from the bottom to the top level, creating and managing Daily and Strategic Management Skills and Systems; developing and energizing their Human Resources. Innovation, New Businesses and Products venture; developing the New Product from necessity to concept and prototype to mass production; putting on the market with success and Lean Financial Affairs are our prior interest and operation areas.

LEAN GLOBAL NETWORK www.leanglobal.org

Lean Institute Turkey learns with a tight coordination inside The Lean Global Network which is created with the other countries institutes, and uses its original ways, procedures and methods which are developed within the institute. These methods, approaches are constantly developed according to the needs in technological transformation and changes which happens inside the market. LGN, including 40 people from 22 institutes, has learned the roots, present state and envisions of Lean Thinking by travelling to Japan in 17-23 September, 2017.

As Lean Institute Turkey, we are improving our long established close professional corporations with similar organizations in America, European Union and Japan. Lean Institute Turkey has continuous collaboration with three institutes inside Japan which offers modern methods and approaches and are experts in engineering and manufacturing methods, human development and management:

FOR THE ADVANTAGE OF COMPETITION WITH UNIQUE AND FAR REACHING SERVICES, Lean Institute Turkey, targets to provide organizations to gain strategic advantages in the world of competitions. Our businesses are the heart of our economy. With its tested success of Lean Techniques and Methods; which are about the topics of effective usage of resources, quality and information sharing, continuous enhancement of attribution and management activities; Lean Institute Turkey, focuses on the areas which needs to be improved. With the collaboration of universities, boards of trade, trade associations, organized industrial zones and nongovernmental organizations it evaluates the opportunities of development.

OUR CONSULTING & TRAINING SERVICES ARE BASED ON FIELD EXPERIENCE. Nothing can take replace the experience which is gained by performing on the field. With the education, knowledge and experience and especially field practice our staff dynamizes and increases efficiency the level of service by decreasing/destroying the ‘muda’, non-value creating processes, in the direction of reaching the vision and goal of the establishments. Right now, our 36 consultants are performing their Lean Transformation missions in 60 company.  Our consulting activities have overflown Turkey. They stretch from Sri Lanka to China, from Mexico to USA and Ukraine.

Lean Institute Turkey develops all its program designs according to Lean Thinking Principles. By sharing, applying, learning and spreading the knowledge with organized trainings, seminars and workshops on the fields of: Manufacturing and Operation Management, Supply Chain Management, Product Development, Modern Manufacturing Engineering, Logistic, Energy Efficiency and Retailing, Sales and Marketing, Human Resource Management, Retail Dealer/Shop Management, Lean Leadership in every level; it aims to create companies which are capable to compete on a worldwide level. The model fabric includes experience gaining, simulations, games and training methods.

Successful examples can be observed in almost every service area. Companies and organizations in every size, whether being local or foreign, big or small, with Lean Thinking principles prospering results are obtained in every sector and geography. There are also success stories in the areas of Service, Construction, Banking, Health, Agriculture, every kind of Industrial manufacturing, Extractive Industry, Ship and Yacht production, After Sales Service.

In order to integrate to new conditions and maintain the achievements companies and organizations have to act with a sense of corporate integrity.

It is an important matter that especially owners, General Manager/CEO, financial affairs have to be in daily collaboration; so that renewal and conversion efforts can be maintained.

We do Special Company Evaluations for organizations to break through altogether, to adapt to the new conditions and to notice the changes in world and to review themselves. Demands are increasing in a daily manner for this service we are providing.

Lean Institute Turkey is serving with 36 experienced consultants, 5-man headquarters, 7 solution partners and 1 event organizer (Lean Summit Conference, Study Mission Japan Program and Seminars, workshops and games). Also new friends are continuing to come on board which have experience in their particular field.


Lean Institute Website has a big importance since the day Lean Institute was established. According to October 2017 data, Lean Institute Website (www.lean.org.tr / www.yalinenstitu.org.tr) has reached 30 thousand visitors and the daily visitors number is more than a thousand. Each week new articles, translations, reports, in-company progress narratives, administrations and other useful information’s are published. Also, American Lean Institute’s website (www.lean.org) is also another important source of information. Under the Lean Institute website, Lean Health and Lean Construction websites are also in existence. In these websites useful and up to date information’s are available.

Lean Institute Turkey:

  • Is known for first rank in TURQUALITY program that is organized by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy.
  • Prepares Need Analysis Reports according to the requests of Corporation Establishments.
  • takes responsibility in a large number of projects and supports as part of Cluster Support and guides the companies which are in need.
  • Plans for consulting and training programs in different formats which suits the needs and expectations of
    • Consultancy
    • In-company trainings
    • Lean Company Evaluation
    • Webinars
    • Interactive games like LeanoGames
    • Open games
    • Seminars with the participation of international experts
    • Study Mission Japan (Extensive Training Trip)
    • Lean Summit Conference (Arranged in every two years with international participation)

Every one of our seminars and training contains Lean Transfer Methods and they are intended for interactive and focus groups.


Together with Optimist Publishing, 23 books have been brought in Turkish since year 2002. Every single one of these books are teaching the necessary methods and guiding to bring the Lean Thought in to life in companies or organizations. These are the handbooks for owners, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, scholars which are operating in business and administration, Bachelor, Graduate and Postgraduate students.

Books can be purchased via this link https://store.lean.org.tr/
















Lean Institute Researcher Dr. Ayperi Okur, from MIT, has prepared 6 researches (Technologies of 21th Century & Lean; Our Approach for Industry 4.0). These papers are shared with a wide spectrum of audience and especially with public administration, and is also available in our website. Visit for more information, article and training program: http://www.lean.org.tr


It is organized with success since 2010. Lean Institute Turkey believes in the necessity of improving personal experience, therefor it focused on Japan where Lean Methodology was born. Up to this date 262 participants from 100 companies in 11 programs have benefited from the program which involves teamwork and leadership trainings, factory visitations and social trips. In 2016 and 2017 the program was organized 2 times after the heavy demand in 2015. The participant feedback videos can be seen from the link below:


Details about coming Study Mission Japan programs can be followed from our website www.lean.org.tr.


Our belief in sharing the knowledge and celebrating success lead to a biennial platform where lean thinkers and practitioners can share their experiences. Lean Institute organized the first Lean Summit in 1998 in Lütfi Kırdar hall with a huge participation. The last summit was held on 4-5 December 2017 approximately with 644 people from 156 companies in İstanbul Radisson Blu Şişli.

We are planning to stage the next Lean Summit on December 2019. Information can be followed via our website.,


Lean Institute Turkey;

  • Is working on Lean Transformation Project with 60 companies by September 2017.
  • Has given training and project consultancy to 6% of the companies (143 company) in ISO 500 (according to 2015) list. This ratio is 52% in the first 100 company.
  • Is on the 1. Group Consultant list in TUQUALITY. Companies can purchase the 50% of the consultancy fee from the government with this program.
  • As part of cluster project of ministry of economics, requirement analyses and training consultancy services are submitted to collaboration establishments. Until now three cluster group has received training and consultancy, also requirement analyses.
  • Performed an extensive reconstruction project in Bursa Organized Industrial Site; from the start in 2012 to the end in 2015. 8 successful companies have won personal project support from the ministry of economics which is worth 50 thousand USD.
  • Implemented a Lean Transformation Project in Uludağ Exporters Union (http://www.uib.org.tr/)
  • Has achieved a big success with Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry ministry supported Agricultural Machinery Cluster.
  • Till today, held trainings approximately in 600 companies while 370 company have received consultancy service. A big portion of these companies were SME’s.

For information about our references visit the following websites:

www.lean.org.tr / http://www.lean.org.tr/referanslar/


Lean Institute Turkey shows maximum attention to understand the real requirements. Lean Institute Turkey will not give any consultancy offer before speaking to the interested authority or examining the situation on-site.

We are offering you to put our whole effort in order to achieve the requested results and transfer our international experiences with our developing knowledge and customer connection over the years.

You can communicate with us via phone, e-mail or online.

Reach us for sustainable improvement.

Yalçın Ipbüken, President / E-mail: yipbuken@lean.org.tr