Setting the Lean Agenda, Daniel T. Jones


Dear Yalcin,

Past delegates tell us that our UK Lean Summits and our YouTube channel are setting the agenda for the lean movement in Europe. I am convinced that the speakers Dave Brunt has gathered this year’s Lean Summit on 5th – 7th November 2013 will do so again. Let me give you four reasons why, if you are serious about lean practice, I think you should join us.

1. Last year we shared the lean transformation model in which capability development is the key engine for solving business problems and delivering the performance leaps we know are possible. This year Dave and I will put more flesh on these bones and Art Byrne, the heroic leader from Chapter 7 of Lean Thinking, will describe what it takes to lead multiple lean transformations. Kevin Robinson heads the group helping organisations learn from Toyota Motor Manufacturing UKand well-known sports coach Dr. Peter Treadwell will demonstrate what practice really means. All of this will challenge our understanding of what lean is really about and give new direction to our lean transformations.

2. James Morgan is unique in having not only studied and written about Toyota’s new product development system, he went on to build the lean product development system that was key to rescuing Ford from bankruptcy. He recently retired and having heard his very wise words I would absolutely urge your product development folks to hear and meet with him. They would learn a lot.

3. If you have been following our evidence based experiments with hospitals you will be fascinated by the next installments. Owen Williams, the Chief Executive ofCalderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, will show how they are combining the lean building blocks (described at our 2011 Summit) to create a truly customer driven hospital. Liam Duffy, Chief Executive of Beaumont Hospital in Dublin will describe how they are making big steps to catch up fast! Healthcare is a long journey – but the path ahead is becoming clearer.

4. One of the biggest challenges is collaborating across functions. We tackle this from different perspectives. Steve Warren will talk about transforming global supply chains atAkzo Nobel while Peter Ayeni describes how they keep airliners flying at Lufthansa. Phil Mayhew and Kim Silcock show how delivering all kinds of services is not about the services themselves but about improving the lives of the citizens of Solihull Council, a leader in lean local government. Pierre Masai will share some fascinating insights about the very different role played by IT at Toyota Motor Europe.

Our Summits not only make you think but they are also full of wise reflections from very experienced lean practitioners with real stories to tell. They have also triggered many new initiatives and led to collaboration between participants. I always come away inspired by them, I hope to see you in November.

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Best wishes
Daniel T Jones
Chairman, Lean Enterprise Academy